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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  November 12, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EST

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national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. anita, miss me? tonight is the question i want to ask you, who is the extremists here? , the tea partygoers who say crazy things like stop spending money you don't have, or pay your taxes! or, i love this one -- read the bill! or is the extremist this guy, you know, that kills 13 while shooting allah akbar? i actually don't think we need to go more than just that one. i got my vote. i think he is the extremist, but the tea partygoers, they want small government. government is not reason. it is not eloquent. it is not force like fire. it is is a dangerous serpent and a fearful master. yeah. yeah, this guy is crazy, isn't he? i'm going to go with him.
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how about you? decide, coming up. cheer glenn: hello, america. i always knew the news of the day would make an organ explode. we caught it in time and it wasn't actually on the air. i have been gone the last couple of days and so i want to cover some ground that you have already tilled, but i have to tell you something, i don't know how you do it every day and watch the news and be like, yeah, well, because i was about to have other organs just jump out of me. i may have missed this, so if i have, call me. has anybody over at the white house laicialed nidal malik hasan, you know, the terrorist who killed 13 57bdz wounded 30
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more at fort hood an extremist? i have heard him referred to as a sheerts, which implies he had a gun, and several times as a gunman, oh, those evil guns. he has been called troubled, harassed. did you hear the story of is bumper sticker scratched off his car? i know he didn't want to be deployed. his cousin called him a good american on this station. an extremist, i guess i haven't heard that from the white house. of course, you wouldn't want to offend anybody. america, are we this politically correct? is this who we are snr i mean, the ship is sailing. is this where you want to go? there is no hesitation by barack obama's political arm, organizing for america, the president's political arm -- i don't think he has another one -- to send out an e-mail calling tea partygoers
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extremists. this guy,? no, no, misunderstood. he snapped. but tea partygoers, this is what the political arm of obama says, quote "across the country, members of congress who support reform are being shouted down physically assaulted. where? hung in effigy, receiving death threats. we can't let extremists hijack this debate or confuse congress about where people stand. that is extremism in america today. but killing 13 people, no, no, don't get hasty. don't you jump to conclusions here. if there was anyone who could be labeled extremist, you would think it might be someone who spoke of islamic jihad to his fold low soldiers and acted by picking up a weapon and by killing his fellow soldiers with that weapon, but, no, no. real extremists pick up signs. they make the signs with their
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kids at night. they're nut jobs. they're protesting the government. sarah palin, be afraid. she has been fighting this horrendous healthcare overhaul. she ran for vice president espousing certain principles. she prays. be afraid. i'm an extremist because i dare expose what no one else will, that there are anti-free market officials, yeah, admirers of mao, marxists and socialists and the guy there in the middle in the red tie, oh, wait, he is back in the news again, he is a self avowed communist, but malik nidal hasan, no, no. he was just misunderstood. he was a good american. he just snapped. that's what happened. he snapped and murdered 13 americans. what? you can understand. he talked openly about his feelings before acting on them. then he snapped? hmm.
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i don't really care.!pñ?ñ? he murdered americans in cold blood, an act of bold-faced extremist muslim terrorism! maybe he acted alone, but then again, maybe he didn't. hey, what do you say we use common sense and we nurse this turd bag back to health, ask him a few questions and then have a non-government investigator look into this whole thing to find out what happened and then have him tried in a fair court and if he is found guilty, execute him. i think i can go home now. one less dirtbag to deal with, america. by the way, speaking of dirtbags, remember the d.c. sniper? yeah. last night at 9:00 p.m. he was executed. you're not supposed to have an opinion, you're cameramen! i looked forward to celebrating the swift justice that if this guy is guilty
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should end in execution. i'm sorry, am i being too insensitive? i really don't care about this guy's childhood. don't care. millions of people have messed up childhoods and they don't kill people. you know, i had a pretty messed up childhood. oh, you want to hear about it? no, i don't even want to hear about it, because i bet you had a messed up childhood, too. mommy didn't love you as much and daddy didn't play with you. i know. you should go shoot people. look at what they're doing to us! look! what are we doing? look how far the discussion has shifted. you are now going to hear and see this everywhere, anyone, everybody who effectively stands in the way of a progressive agenda of fundamental transformation of america, well, they're extremists, dangerous, inciting violence! frank rich and the rest of his obama minions at "the new york times" who will gladly do the bidding of this
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administration. you know, they will act as the propaganda arm of the white house. that's what they are. rich and the rest will continue to oblige, imprint and the controls at msnbc are going to vomit out the company line on television. your extreme, she's extreme. we're all dangerous, hateful, outrageous, inciting violence, oh, watch your language! watch my language? really, nancy pelosi? watch my language, but don't pay attention to that guy's language, no, no. while they're watching your language and my language, the truly hateful fight ning dangerous go unobstructed going along their merry way just loading up guns. when did words and ideas replace fists and bullets as tools of violence -- words and ideas? i always thought they were good things. you know, maybe we should read a little george washington.
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he used to call it the battlefield of ideas. let me tell you this -- if you don't fight on the battlefield of ideas with your mouth, with your mind, with your eye and your ears, there will be another battlefield. it will be fought with guns. you cannot shut down debate, not with free people. i know you see what is being created. i know you see that we are being led into an american cemetery. society cannot survive like this. you can not have -- this one is an extremist and we label them for speaking out, and this one is not an extremist who is actually killing people! no one at the white house or "the new york times" has referred to the beatdowns issued by seiu members recently as violent or extreme that looks violent and extreme to me. the seiu thugs caught on video beating down an
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african-american tea party going after referring to him as the n word. they haven't been charged. why not? last weekend, there was another beat-down in california. this time a democrat disagreed with the union thugs. that democrat -- i hope all democrats in california you learned your lesson, don't you dare speak out against the seiu or you'll end up like he is, in the hospital. is it extremist to beat someone because they disagree you with on healthcare? no, no, no, not if your you're foreprogress and they're standing against you. let me be clear, the terrorist muslim extremist who allegedly shot the recriewtsder dead in arkansas -- do i have to say allegedly anymore? this guy wasn't even discussed in the media. did you know his name? they didn't call him an extremist, but if i say or you say america cannot afford another trillion dollar entight maniment -- entitlement program, that's not coming from me that's coming from the g.a.o. and that's coming from david
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walker. oh, dear god almighty, i'm an extremist. so as long as we're now going to do this reality, i decided i'm going to change tack tactics. i'm not going to argue anymore. ok. i'm an extremist. i got a list of demands. one, stop spending money you don't have! oh, my gosh, the man man is on t.v. saying don't spend money you don't have! how about this, here is another extremist demand -- why don't you tell us how you will pay for a trillion dollar healthcare plan, and not with monopoly money, but explain it to where it makes sense. listen to the people. after all, you work for us. get rid of corruption before you spend another dime. audit the fed! how about term limits? no life-time benefits for those 12 years of work there in washington. do i get lifetime benefits, your kind of benefits for putting up with you and paying for your benefits, washington?
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oh, there's extreme talk! oh, there he is inciting violence again. wait until i do this one -- lower taxes! return to principles imbedded by radical extremist founding fathers! yeah, that's pretty extreme. let me quote you another extremist who said, quote, "if you want to help the poor, help them feel uncomfortable in their poverty," end quote. bad extremists? he was out flying kites in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm, he was cry zy! why did he hate the poor so much? of course, he's rich, he's on the $100 bill. our extremist radical founders all knew that government programs were not the answer to poverty. making people comfortable in their poverty is not the answer of getting them out of poverty. it is the answer for government officials who gain power by making sure that the poverty stricken remain permanently dependent upon them. let me just give you one word -- detroit.
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look, we have to start having honest conversations, uncomfortable, but honest conversations. you need to know what everybody is thinking. we need to have real debates in this country, don't be afraid. don't be afraid to have another agenda than somebody else. don't you dare refuse to speak the truth. you question with boldness. you speak without fear. 13 americans are dead! not on my watch. not on your watch. i don't care what they say or do or say about me or print. i don't care. i'm not playing their politically correct game anymore! this man was a muslim extremist terrorist! end of story! born in america, bred here in america, muslim extremist terrorist! you know what i find amazing? this man was not afraid to speak his point of view. yeah. he was protected, you see.
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but you're not. so you're afraid to react to his point of view. let's go a step further here. what do you say we're done with all this political correctness stuff? see this? caloricly challenged? no. a big fat fatty, fat fatso sitting here eating fat burgers, and i know something about fatties. by the way, have you noticed i've lost almost 6 ounces? a little surgery. how about this one -- economically marginalized? nope. homeless guy. could be a bum. yeah. could be a wino, too, i don't know, have to ask him, but in newark where there are more beds than homeless people, probably his choice. oh, i like this guy -- morally challenged, an unsavor i character. nope. criminal. don't want him living in my neighborhood. i would call him a thug, but i
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don't know fe actually worked with seiu or not. then, of course, there is this, a stripper, yeah. i could have said an exotic dancer but there's not really anything exotic about what she is doing. then there is this, the escort. really? where are you being escorted? whore. what do you say? this is a freedom fighter. no, no. dirtbag! muslim extremist terrorist! stop playing the game. america, a year ago, i told you, we surround them. there are more of us than there of them. i'm not talking about republicans or democrats. i'm talking about people who go, yeah, terrorist, fatty fat fatso, stripper, criminal i don't want in my neighborhood, whore! you fear, you fear them. you're not going to call this man a terrorist. no, no, no, no.
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if you don't call him a terrorist it clears a path for them to carry out an extremist terrorist plan to kill people. i'm supposed to worry about losing my job and my house. really? here's an idea -- how about we all live in fear, and then these people come and then they kill us, and then our country is over. hey, if we stay silent long enough, maybe they can come to your house an shoot your children in the head. what do you say? i'm done! i sat at home for five days watching television scheming at the t.v. feeling like you going, can somebody call a spade a spade? anybody? beanybody say the truth? i'm going to make a promise to you. you hold on tight, gang. you buckle up. next year, we're going to change an awful lot of things. you spread the word. you stand fast. you question with boldness everything that comes out of washington from both the
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republicans and the democrats. you question everything that i say to you. you hold tight to your family, your principles, your values. you know what is true. the things that your parents and your grandparents taught you. i mean, unless they were alcoholics, then you might want to question that as well. this country is going to turn the page and turn the corner, and it is going one way or the other. we live in historic times. history is being written right now, but let me tell you something, we're going down the wrong path if we're not at least honest with each other. you want to be a marxist? great. you're a marxist. i'm against you. let's have that debate. if we call fat people rubenesque or bin lad and freedom fighter, or this gine, oh, no, they're completely different! we're doomed. this is an historic time. stand up and you will be
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written about in the history books l a fertilizer salesman filling his truck with fertilizer because he is trying to save the country r let me make >> promise, any timothy mcveighs out there -- oh, i will be written about -- oh, yes, you are, and i will do my part to make sure your picture is right next to this guy, because you're both terrorists. america, the time is coming where peaceful citizens are going to assemble and they will not sit down. they will not engage in violence, but they will not hand their sovereignty or their freedom or their children's economic freedom over quietly. if that makes me extremist, oh, well. back in a
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>> something was wrong and i felt it in my gut and i thought you felt it in nigh gut but let me explain. it some people may have just missed it, oh, you know, they sate there wra anti-free market people sorted with the president of the united states are marxists, yeah, yeah, that was crazy, huh? when you saw the president go nearly 2 full minutes before mentioning fort hood and then
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giving a shoutout before get together point, your gut alarm bells went off, something is wrong, and what other president in history has ever started his remarks out dealing with a national tragedy of death and terror for a shoutout for anything other than what happened? the appropriate expression of sympathy for and solidarity with the victims and the families an wrapping up the remarks by expressing, oh, i don't know, this will never happen again, and i'm going to do everything to get to the bottom to make sure. you can imagine f.d.r., the patron saint of the progressives meandering around babbling about anything but pearl harbor on december 8, 1941. mr. vice president, mr. speaker, members of the house of rep sen you tiffs, first, i want to say a big fat howdy to my buddy bob hope! i watch his movies all the time and he dresses up like a woman, and his movies make me chuckle all the time. by the way, also, i want to let unemployed americans know
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i'm working hard on creating jobs for you right now. soon we're going to find a ode that you can patch with potholes that you can fill up with rocks or something, and i also wanted to mention that something -- oh, yeah, december 7, 1941, was the day that -- nobody would put up with that! it doesn't make sense. it wouldn't have made sense then and it doesn't make sense now. the first thing that hit me, the first thing that i was watching that at my television just like you and i saw president obama talking about native american rights in the middle of a tragedy at fort hood, i couldn't believe it. i mean, it sounded almost like maybe possibly, would there be some reparations involved? >> few have been more marginalized and ignored by washington for as long as native americans, our first americans. we know the history that we share, the history marked by violence and disease and
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deprivation, treaties were violated, promised were broken. glenn: let me say this off the top of the bat, no one can question that treaties were broken and pom misses not kept. yep. you got t we have definitely heard fairly recently about native american rights, and what we owe them. what we owe them. what we owe them. as i'm watching this spill out of my television, i'm thinking this language he just used, i heard this before, something like this, what have i heard? >> no more broken treaties! no more broken treaties! give them the wealth! give them the wealth! give them the dignity! give them the respect that they deserve! glenn: van jones horvetion quietly moved out of the spotlight, but not his passionate plans for native americans, no, no, they live on. in the calm reserve tones of barack obama's policies. obviously what he had in mind goes far beyond giving them
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casino licenses and free government healthcare. so, i'm watching barack obama say these things and that's the first thing i thought, oh, my gosh, look at his van jones policy happening right there and nobody is even aware of it. it bothered me. we can't seem to shake the radical influence of former green jobs czar van jones, because it ain't just van jones, or is it just a coincidence that obama brought up the native american rights and just happened to see it in such an inappropriate time and it happens to be a pet issue of van jones? maybe. maybe. but something else was bothering me as well that ties into van jones. a story we haven't had a chance to talk about. it was election night. while we were all focused on district 23, the sideshow between the republican endorsed democrat and the previously unknown accountant, there was a little known unpublicized amendment to the new york constitution that was on the ballot. it passed with almost no
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opposition. it was a proposal. it was a proposal to allow the state prison inmates to work outside of the prison walls for non-profit organizations, convicts serving time in prison can now be part of barack obama's volunteerism agenda. well, how convenient. they could, i suppose, work for a non-profit like, oh, i don't know, pick one -- oh, ok, yeah, ok, maybe americorps hold on here, what a coincidence, getting criminals out of jail and back into society working for community organizations. that also happens to be a huge for, say it with me, van jones. >> let's start taking money away from incarcerators and the polluters and giving money to community-based people who are trying to bring forward new jobs, clean energy and
2:27 am
stabilizing neighborhoods so that we don't have to have crime and overincarceration. that's the way forward. glenn: because of his eth cassie for prison inmates, jones is somewhat of a hero to those serving time. we with following a story and then he was brushed out at night so we moved on. it sat on my desk until my ap pen appendix was about to explode watching the president give this wildly inappropriate talk about what just happened at fort hood, and then i called up my staff and i said, hey, can you dust off that san quentin stuff we were working on? last march, he told a group of inmates, quote "we need genius. we need entrepreneurial brilliance, people who can reimagine possibilities. we need you." well, let me just say this, we were getting help from san quentin on this story until they found out who we were and what we were doing, and then all of a sudden we couldn't get any help, any help from a federal prison on anything that van jones has said, and
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by the way, van, if they were jean yus or brilliant, would they be in prison? maybe they, you know, would have used that instead of e sorting to crime, or if they applied it to crime, maybe they would have gotten away with t anyway, the whole point thafer speech was to give jobs to people in prison to let them work, but naturally, that's where our focus for recruiting entrepreneurs should be, in prison, not colleges, not tech schools, no, no. the geniuses in prison that are going to fix our economy, and guess who else is focused directly on prison inmates for the recruiting efforts? ready to go back to fort hood? al qaeda. the feds have been working to stop this for years. president obama is even aware of it. >> i will address the problem of our prisons where the most disaffected and disconnected americans are being explicitly targeted for conversion to al qaeda and its ideological allies. >> so now van jones who doesn't like our system and is
2:29 am
an avowed communist wants to let these people into the workforce and then new york changes the constitution. he wants to fight this by giving inmates jobs and set them free, i guess. that sounds kind of risky. it doesn't make sense to me, just like the whole speech made no sense. barack obama meandered around the before addressing the islamic terrorist slaughter of our men and women in uniform on a military base right here at home in texas. 13 people with murdered by a homegrown terrorist who was shouting allah akbar! how does the president react to that? now, he tells us, don't jump to any conclusions. well, you know what? actually, that's good advice. maybe the president should follow his own advice. do you remember this? >> the cambridge police acted stupidly in oar resting somebody when there was
2:30 am
already -- glenn: the police acted stupidly, but this guy is an extremist and he may have been picked for this job, we don't noavment your gut says something is wrong. i think we have a president that is stuck in perpetual campaign mode. maybe that's the best way to look at this. this is a chance to lead the country to heal in a time of shock and horror. people watched him wondering what is going on? to rally americans, and that's what we do best, really, help, pray, unite, move forward, better than we were before, but instead, we get a shoutout and a case for redistribution of wealth. really? let me ask you this -- what do you think people would say if ronald reagan would have spoken about lower taxes before he gave the challenger speech? how about george w. bush, if you grab that bullhorn and say
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glenn: thank you so much for watching, and thank you -- so many people who i work with and everything else sent -- you don't send a guy who is already fat on television food, do you? yes! they did. while i was in the hospital. i didn't lose a pound. stop sending food. i could be sick again. you should send more food. america, i want to talk a little bit more about fort hood and then i want to talk about afghanistan. something is wrong, wrong, you know it in your gut. there is a great book called "the gift of fear." it talks about how people will always say, you know, when something goes wrong, gee, you know, i just thought it was the abandoned sausage factory next door. my dog knew there were women in the walls. yeah, here is the thing. your dog doesn't have any special powers.
2:37 am
your dog just doesn't dismiss a gut reaction. now, we're higher beings, we have something called reason. we couple the two, but all too often an alarm bell goes off and you get that feeling that something is not right. something is wrong here, but you dismiss it. you don't go with your gut. you go with your reason. you got to combine the two. when i saw this video of the president's speech, i e-mailed a friend of mine, keith ablow, he is a world renowned psychiatrist, a reasonable, reasonable man, fox news contributor. keith, how do i process what i have in my gut? i wrote to you, and i said, did you see anything wrong here? i'm not asking to psychoanalyze the president. i'm say psychoanalyze the american people. are we crazy for saying something is not right? >> well, no, we're not crazy for saying welcome back,
2:38 am
glenn, by the way. it's good to see you back. we're not crazy for saying something is not right. it is a little crazy that more people aren't saying it more loudly, because after all, what was that? the president interrupting the broadcasts of networks, presumably to address a national tragedy that truly, and i use the word truly, grips people at the core of their souls, you know, we can empathize what it is to lose a son or daughter, a husband or wife, and these are people in service to our nation, protecting us, and for some reason, there is a two-minute preamble about native american rights and then a -- glenn: it's not even that. play the part. may cut b. watch this, carefully, and see what he says. >> now, i have to say, though, that beyond that, i plan to make some broader remarks about the challenges that lay ahead for native americans as well as collaboration with our
2:39 am
administration, but as some of you might have heard, there has been a tragic shooting at the fort hood army base in texas. glenn: it didn't even warrant its own sentence. it's like i got some other things i got to talk about, but, hey, you might have heard. excuse me? >> well, and that's where we get to into not a psychological analysis of the president but our own gut. we ought to pause and say what was that? there are moments that are revealing, tremendously revealing of what is really happening, and there is a big cavernous gulf between the president's ability to generate emotion and charisma and gripping words that move people when he is scripted, and then when there is less time to prepare, this's some sort of lack of connectiveness, a true lack of connectiveness with at least what moves the majority
2:40 am
of us. glenn: hang on just a second. i don't know if i agree with that. let me show you real passion with this president when he speaks about something he truly believes in, se i u. watch this passion. >> we worked together over the last few years and i'm proud of what we have done. i'm just not satisfied, because i know how much more we can accomplish as partners in an obama administration! just imagine, just imagine what we could do together! just imagine what we could do together! imagine having a president whose life work was your work! glenn: whose life work was your work. i mean, he believes this. i don't know, keith, but i'm not sure that this president -- i'm not assigning anything nefarious to him. i just don't know if he feels -- he can summon the feelings of people who have been wronged, even supposedly
2:41 am
by the police in boston -- he was wrong on that. i have no facts but he spoke with conviction, but the shooting of 19 americans who are military, he was disconnected. i don't know if he looks at the military the same way. is that possible? >> exactly my point. you just have to take the data as it comes in. the things that apparently move him and lead to his core really being tapped are when people he feels are being wronged and there is either a minority group or disadvantaged group that he feels should be elevated. other than that, if he is not scripted to deliver the emotional cues, if he is not scripted to have lots of time and a teleprompter to do it, then he tends to stumble. this was a huge stumble. this was a big, big window on the man's soul, i think. glenn: i'm out of time, but i guess, may i ask if you will be on the radio with me, if you have an answer to this,
2:42 am
what do we do with this information? what should we be looking for? what does this tell us? is it usable? can you help us with that question? >> i definitely can. let's do this. it is the beginning of a diagnostic process that the american people needs to proceed on. glenn:ly talk to you againing keith. we will have you on the program again and i would like to have you on the radio program as well. now, i don't know if you heard this sad news, anita dunn is leaving her job at white house. yep, ♪ she's moving on up to make millions as a partner at a law firm. i'm sure chairman mao would appreciate that private wealth thing you got going there. nonetheless, anita dunn is out and dan thumper is in. anita isn't really leaving. she is going to maintain an office at the white house and will continue to be involved in every major decision. that's great. but since she will be around,
2:43 am
i don't know what to do, what to do. i think we should leave the phone on for dan or anita. they have this phone and they can call at any time we get something. i guess it would be anita right now. i think we should have everything with the administration with removable names, because, gosh, it seems like every time we get attached to one of them, one of them leaves. the war council. hmm. the war council on afghanistan. what to do, what to do? take your time. it's not like there's a war
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glenn: this veterans day, president obama met with his war council for the 8 th and possible final time before making his decision on our future course in afghanistan. who is the war council? what are the options here? why is it taking so long? here is retired marie marine corps colonel bill cowan, also fox news military analyst. how are you doing, sir? >> good to be with you. good to see you back. glenn: thank you. thank you for your service to our country. happy veterans day. >> the privilege is mine. glenn: i don't even know how to ask you this question. i want to be fair to the president, but i don't think we're fighting this -- i don't even think we're fighting this half heartedly to win. i heard that his war council made this decision.
2:48 am
who is on the war council in the first place, and do we trust the war council? i would kind of like to go with the guys on the ground. >> i don't know if we trust them or not. i'm sure who he has there is the vice president, secretary rfer defense, secretary of state, director of c.i.a., chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and maybe some other cats and dogs who aren't quite as important in national security matters, and the most important person, i think is probably his national security advisor, who is there in the white house, in the building with him virtually every day. glenn: that's jim jones, right? >> jim jones, exactly. glenn: that one is the one that really kind of bothers me and maybe i'm -- look, he is a military guy, et cetera, but not necessarily friendly to israel, and it doesn't mean -- >> right. glenn: it doesn't mean if you're not fendly to israel you're friendly to al qaeda or whatever, but there are a lot of people it seems around
2:49 am
president obama or people that have influenced president obama that that are not really strongly against the bad guys in the middle east. is that unfair of me to say? >> well, i think it's fair to say in this respect, glenn, look, and particularly general jones. he is a military guy, retired military guy. we in the military are known for being decision makers, not dithering, not waiting, and the fact that we have waited so long with all these people on his war council advising him shows me we have some level of disreal spect for general mccrystal and general petraeus who are the commanders who have asked to help and have yet to get it. we have derespect for the young men and women fighting on the front lines who keep looking back saying where are the rest of the people who are supposed to be coming here to help us, and we're sending signals to the bad guys that we're a little bit afraid because we are unable to make decisions. glenn: ok. thank you very much. again, happy veterans day, and
2:50 am
mr. president, look, we coulding disagree on everything, but we don't disagree on. this our servicemen and women deserve to be treated right. if you don't want to fight it, that's ok. i won't argue with you on t don't fight it halfway. bring them home. bring them home. back in a second.
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glenn: today is veterans day. i don't think we should have to have a day to remember our men and women of the military, but unfortunately, wier a fat, lazy, forgetful and go about our daily lives, free to do what we wish, and often we forget to stop and just say, thank you to those who provided us with that freedom. you know our army is one of
2:54 am
the few in the world that doesn't indoctrinate. they don't anybody to special classes on the constitution. our soldiers don't need to be brainwashed like they do in other countries. just to put it all on the line, they do it because they know what's worth fighting for and even dying for. it's been that way really since the beginning of our country. revoluntionary soldiers, they were farmers. they were teachers. they were moms, dads, citizens , and it has remained that way ever since. it sounds trite to say that they died for my freedom but it is true. last night i wasn't feeling well. it was about 4:00 in the afternoon and i called my doctor. i had just gotten out of the hospital and something was wrong, and within two hours, i was back in the hospital halfway into a cat scan. where in the world does that happen besides here? i mean, not in canada unless you live two hours away from america. two hours later i was in a cat scan. the nurse walked out of the room and she said i'll be
2:55 am
right back. i'm going to go start the scan. as i sat there waiting for her, i actually looked at that big cat scan, that big machine, and i put my arms up and actually put my hands across it and i know this sounds silly, but i actually gave thanks for the opportunity to live in an amazing time with this amazing technology. i mean, technology, my gosh, america, do you realize what time we live in right now? technology that came from just a citizen, a farmer, an inventor, a patriot, a regular joe who had an idea. wait a minute, maybe we don't have to do exploratory surgery. but none of that in anything that we do could have been done without the soldier. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that comes from god, but it's protected by the soldier. none of our inventions could have happened without them. for that, thank you.@
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glenn: i will announce some stuff live at the villages friday, december 21st and i can't believe i'm saying this, because i'm a capitalist. it's free. does my face really look that fat? yep. from new york, good night, america, and good night, mrs. dunn, wherever you


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